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Wishing You A Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!

Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church
Jurisdiction of the West

"Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus: that ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ." - St. Luke 21

Dearly Beloved of God,

On behalf of the clergy and staff I greet you once again in the spirit of Peace, an unshakeable Peace that is ours by the power and Hope found only in the eternal spirit of Truth; even as it was given and we received by Grace, Jesus Christ.

As the day of the birth of our Lord draws near, it would seem that the forces of darkness are all around us trying its best to quench the light of the spirit. With each new day comes not only the rising of the sun but also another headline highlighting killings and murder, hatred and crime, famine and injustice and more.  More and more people are crying out for the restoration of hope, peace, and unity. It is a cry that reaches up and beyond class, race, and socioeconomic boundaries.  It is times like these where fear and despair are only diminished by the Hope that we have in the eternal spirit of Truth to turn the tide of darkness driven by the lie that Love doesn't matter. This season let us be reminded by the words and music of our Patron Saint John Will I Am Coltrane who said, "No matter what, it is all with God. He is gracious and merciful. His way is through Love in which we all are it is truly A Love Supreme."      

In this the month of the 50th year anniversary of A Love Supreme, may we be "aware of this force for unity" and never forget it. Let it become, "a part of everything that we do," and in that spirit, the spirit of unity we represent a people of hope,being of one mind, one accord, and one light burning bright with one voice singing all songs to God to whom all praise is due. It is truly A Love Supreme!  Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In this time of giving please remember the St. John Coltrane Church
Send Check or Money Order to 1286 Fillmore Street. San Francisco, CA. 94115

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A Love Supreme! 

Rev. Wanika K. Stephens, Pastor and Archpriest 

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