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"Dear Listener" He That Hath An Ear Let Them Hear

A message inspired by the sacred text of

Saint Luke 8:4

Christ speaks to us in the form of a parable. He tells us the story of the farmer who is a sewer of seeds.

If you could imagine for a moment, what it would be like to plant seeds into the ground. If you could picture in your mind a huge farm, one where the farmer would have to cover an enormous amount of ground. Now can you imagine just how labor intensive that task would be? Having to travel the land carrying and planting those seeds.

This is the imagery that Christ paints for the crowd of people around Him. He speaks in a parable because His lesson is not for everyone. The lesson that Jesus is teaching is for; as Saint John Coltrane put it, the "Dear Listener."

The one’s who are inclined to hear, and by hearing, receive, believe and move forward with every good intention.

In the body of this parable Jesus clearly proclaims two things of great importance for all who claim Discipleship under Christ.

The first group of seeds: being that we possess an honest and good heart. Finally, that we be hearers and doers of the word.

Jesus then follows up with a short and concise example of what we can expect as honest, good-hearted listeners who, being seeded with the word of God, make provisions for its growth and cultivation in our life.

Let us for a moment look at the fate of each of the groups of seeds after they were planted.

The first group of seeds: They were the ones who "fell by the wayside." They didn't even make it to the ground that had been prepared.

Those were the seeds that were tossed in the wind and became food for the birds.

If one was to liken themselves unto that same group of seeds, one might find that they are like a person who, being in the presence of truth yet, unable to receive or process any portion of it. Then finding themselves incapable of benefiting from the spirit of truth, which seeks only to enlighten the path by igniting the illuminated being that is within us all. It is a problem rooted in one's own sense of indifference, and opposition to Gods truth for us.

And as a result of our indifference, we fall by the wayside, and like the seeds taken away by the winds of indifference, we fall from the loving hand of God in our lives, only to be cast in the wind far away from the fertile prepared ground where the spirit of God reigns and is for us, the sustaining water of life by which we move and have our being.

And instead of receiving the food, which is the word of God, we become food for the foul, trodden down, swallowed up and devoured by a world void of goodness, a true tragedy on the spiritual path.

The Second Group of Seeds: Had fallen on the surface of a rock. A cold and hard place without moister. I can hear the gospel song that says, "Jesus is the rock of my salvation," but this is not the rock that the gospel speaks of today. This is not the rock that keeps us steady and steadfast in the spirit of truth. This is not the rock that is our strength and gives us hope in times of trouble.

Jesus is talking about those cold hard places that exist in the hearts of humanity that keep us from ever hearing the word of God and stifles our ability to become that amorous and compassionate being that God intended for us to be.

The Third Group of Seeds: They fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up with them, and the thorns choked them.

The farmer knows where to plant the seeds, and the farmer knows what seeds should never be planted in the same bed of earth together.

Just as the farmer understands the nature of each seed, we should understand the nature of ourselves even if we chose to ignore it or forget.

Knowing who you are in the spirit, and allowing yourself to be governed by that spirit of truth makes for sound choices for ones future. It can be the difference between death, and a lifesaving decision. When we make the choice not to grow among those who have chosen to embrace a life void of the good, a life without compassion, a life without the light of truth, a life that is not governed by the will of God, we are actively making the choice to embraces life.

And you may say, I'm free and independent, the captain of my ship. Yes! Yes, you are. Every choice you make defines your destiny and shapes your reality.

You can allow your choices to be based solely on your understanding, making you subject to the things that you don't understand, and by refusing the wisdom of the spirit, you relinquish what St. John Coltrane called "your true power, which is to be a part of it all."

Saint John Coltrane goes further to say, "that when there is something that you don't understand, you have to go humbly to it, you open your mind and absorb, but you have to be quiet you have to be still to do this."

The power of prayer and meditation reveals to the listener that, it is in those still and quiet moments that the spirit of the Lord can be heard. Jesus taught His disciples that He is the way the Truth and the life.

Truth is the light that helps us to successfully navigate our path here on Earth.

The Fourth Group of Seeds: But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience. (St. Luke 8:15)

Definition of the word Good: Having the qualities required for a particular role; Pleasing and welcome. Appropriate to a particular purpose. Possessing or displaying moral virtue; Showing Kindness; Commanding respect.

Even Satan himself has a certain amount of respect for the good, for out of the good, was he created, and therefore, he knows first hand the power of the good.

To be good represents something, it speaks to the industry, or the hard work of an individual who has made the conscious decision to, "Live cleanly and do right." - St. John Coltrane

Honest: Free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere, morally correct or virtuous, used to persuade someone of the truth of something.

I really like the last part of this definition for honest. "Used to persuade someone of the truth of something."

This portion speaks to the fourth and final part of this parable. That we ought to not only hear the word but also, keep it. Additionally, that we bring forth fruit with patience.

The question today is, what group of seeds do you fall into? Because no matter what group you are in, the life that you receive is more than a part of some strange set of circumstances. It is not by accident that you are here, but it is by design, and yes, Divine design and each day is filled with the opportunity to choose how you want to grow.

From the time that we are very small, we learn about how things grow. Children learn in their kinder classrooms about how seeds are sprouted, and how they grow into something that ultimately becomes something of value to humanity.

They watch the seed sprout, and then they watch it grow, and then they plant it into the ground, why? Because in doing so, little children learn that life is about growing and that growing is a process.

No matter what your age is, and regardless of what our society might try to dictate to us each day trying to diminish your true nature, for all of us, there is the opportunity for continued growth.

And as we grow in our level of understanding about the truth that God has for our lives. We can begin to create an inner space for the Spirit, and allow it to cultivate our personality in such a way that, it begins to resemble the beauty that is of our eternal self. Then we can begin to be that someone who is contributing our part in the service of humanity by the power of inspiration, that is to say that, we are a living example of what God looks like in the life of a believer, made from that good seed.

"I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation that did not call on my name, I said, "Here am I, here am I." Isaiah 65:1

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